RIPPLE rises more than 7% above the $1 barrier following Lagarde’s statements and the UAE Exchange Partnership with RIPPLE

RIPPLE rose by more than 7%, or nearly $ 0.07, on Monday, supported by IMF President Christine Lagarde’s remarks to CNN on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in Dubai. The UAE Exchange Company announced a partnership from RIPPLE to provide remittances International Instant and Chain.

At 7:22 GMT, the digital currency RIPPLE rose 7.34% to $ 1.03000 compared to the opening level of $ 0.95952 after recording a high of $ 1.07830 and a low of $ 0.95299. $ 102.6 billion.

Christine Lagarde said on Sunday that digital currencies would be subject to government regulation, explaining that it would only take time, adding that it was inevitable, stressing the need for international cooperation to establish a framework for this organization.

Lagarde also noted that there is likely to be a lot of dark digital currency activities and that the IMF is working hard to prevent its use in money laundering and financing of terrorist groups, saying lawmakers should shift their intense focus from institutions to their own activities.

In addition, Emirates Exchange, a specialist in global financial services such as money transfer, exchange and payment solutions, announced yesterday that it has entered into a partnership with RIPPLE, making it the largest payment provider in the Middle East with BLOCKCHAIN.

RIPPLE is expanding its rebound to its fifth session in seven sessions since December 22nd on corrective action following a nearly 80% drop from the all-time high at $ 3.30 at the start of the year following escalating control and ban measures by global authorities. Recently.

The entry of a leading market leader such as Emirates Exchange to the RIPPLE network, a private venture network that connects more than 100 banks and financial institutions, provides immediate, low-cost payments to millions of UAE clients who make remittances abroad.

On the other hand, the Thai central bank announced earlier today a set of strict limits on the circulation of digital currencies, including the prohibition of all banks and financial institutions in Thailand from trading or investing in digital currencies.

The Thai central bank’s statement said it would tighten banks’ ban on digital currency exchange, ban the provision of digital currency platforms, ban the use of credit cards and debit cards to buy digital currency or even advise customers to invest in digital currencies.

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