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    BITCOIN (BTC) Midday Analysis 16-02-2018

        Bitcoin price shows slight negative trades affected by the negative momentum that appears on stochastic, waiting to get enough positive momentum to push the price to continue the main bullish trend, depending in the positive effect of the inverted head and shoulders’ pattern, to keep the bullish trend scenario active for the upcoming […] More

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    RIPPLE (XRP) Morning Analysis 16-02-2018

      Ripple price did not show any strong move in the previous sessions, to continue fluctuating at the minor bullish channel’s support line, thus, the bullish trend scenario will remain valid as it is without any change, supported by stochastic move at the overbought areas, reminding you that our waited target is located at $1.35, […] More

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    ETHEREUM (ETH) Morning Analysis 16-02-2018

      Ethereum price shows sideways and tight trades after approaching $958.16 level, noticing that stochastic begins to get rid of its negative momentum clearly, waiting to get enough positive momentum to push the price to breach the mentioned level followed by heading towards our next target at $1068.17.   Therefore, we will continue to suggest […] More

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    BITCOIN (BTC) Morning Analysis 16-02-2018

        Bitcoin price resumed its positive trades to surpass 10000$ barrier and approach our first waited target at $10748.00, which supports the continuation of our bullish overview in the upcoming period, affected by the inverted head and shoulders’ pattern that appears on the chart, reminding you that breaching the mentioned level will extend the […] More

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    BITCOIN (BTC) Midday Analysis 15-02-2018

      The price of BITCOIN shows some slight bearish slope after approaching the $ 10,000 barrier, while the positive effect of the upside-down head and shoulders pattern remains effective, keeping the bullish scenario intact for the coming period, noting that our main targets start at 10748.00 and extend to 12852.65, Stability above 8643.35 is an […] More

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