ETHEREUM rises for a second day as most of the digital currencies continue to recover

The digital currency of ETHERUM rose more than 2% on Friday, continuing its rally for a second consecutive day, as most of the other digital currencies continued to recover and risk appetite improved again in the digital market, especially as digital market fears eased the tightening of global governments. Encrypted.

On BITSTAMP, by 12:15 GMT, ETHEREUM is trading around $ 832, up $ 18, or 2.2%, at $ 814 opening at $ 838 and a low of $ 780.

ETHEREUM ended yesterday’s trading up 8%, its second gain in three days, as the digital currency continues to recover from a two-month low of $ 565 per unit of ethrium.

The digital market continues to recover some of its losses since the start of trading this week, as concerns over the tightening of global governments have stifled encoded digital currency exchanges.

The risk appetite in the digital market has improved amid strong expectations that the process of increasing regulatory recognition of the digital currency platforms and the entry of many institutions to invest in the market will contribute to the recovery of the market and the rise in digital currency prices to new record levels.

The latest developments in the digital market BINANCE, one of the world’s largest Hong Kong-based digital currency exchanges, announced the resumption of all business activities on the digital platform, including withdrawals and deposits, starting at 10 am GMT.

The company announced the completion of the upgrade of electronic systems after technical difficulties resulted in significant delays. On this occasion, the company announced the offering of a 70% discount for two weeks on the trading fees for all its customers, within the company’s gratitude to support customers fixed throughout the period of promotion.

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