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    RIPPLE (XRP) ANALYSIS 15-03-2018

      Ripple price is under a lot of pressure as it moved below the $0.7000 support against the US dollar. This week’s highlighted monster contracting triangle pattern with support near $0.7500 was broken on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. The pair is currently trading above the $0.6000 level, but it remains at a […] More

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    ETHEREUM (ETH) ANALYSIS 15-03-2018

      Ethereum price found solid support at 565.54 level to rebound bullishly and move above 600.00 barrier now, but the EMA50 continues to push negatively on the price, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid until now, depending in the stability below 663.12, reminding you that breaking 565.54 will extend the bearish wave to reach […] More

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    BITCOIN (BTC) ANALYSIS 15-03-2018

      Bitcoin price shows some slight bullish bias affected by stochastic positivity, and it might retest 8643.35 level before resuming the bearish trend again. Until now, the bearish trend scenario still valid unless breaching the above mentioned level and holding above it, reminding you that our next main target is located at 6039.30. Expected trading […] More

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    BITCOIN (BTC) ANALYSIS 14-03-2018

      Today morning, Bitcoin price returned to fluctuate near 8643.35 level, falling under continuous negative pressure coming by the EMA50, to keep the bearish trend scenario valid until now, reminding you that breaking the mentioned level will push the price towards 6039.30 that represents our next main station. The price stability below 9600.00 is important […] More

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    RIPPLE (XRP) ANALYSIS 14-03-2018

      Ripple price settles below 0.82 level, which keeps the negative pressure valid until now, supported by stochastic move inside the overbought areas now, waiting to resume the bearish trend that targets 0.72 followed by 0.56 levels mainly. Holding below 0.82 represents initial condition to continue the expected decline, as breaching it will push the […] More

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    ETHEREUM (ETH) ANALYSIS 14-03-2018

      Ethereum price shows sideways trades, settling near 663.12 level, and we are still waiting to break this level to confirm rallying towards our next target at 565.54, as the negative effect of the bearish pennant still valid, reinforcing the expectations to decline. Therefore, we are waiting for negative trades in the upcoming sessions conditioned […] More

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